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Welcome to DigitsOfPi.com.  Pi is a very unique calculation and a very long sequence of numbers. DigitsOfPi.com is dedicated to calculating and showing the digits of pi. You click the links on the left to see the pre-calculated length of digits or you can enter a number below and see however many digits of pie that you want to see.

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PI is often used to calculate area of a circle.

A = pi * r * r  ( Area of Circle = pi * ( radius * radius) )

digits of pi digits of pi

Often times, only the first 2 digits of pi is used in calculations, (3.14). So say you wanted to calculate the area of a circle where its radius is 2 inches.

The formula would be A = 3.14 * 2 * 2 = 12.56

However, the more digits of pi you have the more accurate the result will be.


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Area = 12.566370614359




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